The increasing trend of online retail businesses has led to the widespread use of packaging boxes. These boxes provide relieve to the manufacturers by delivering all the products safely to the customer’s doorstep.

There are different types of boxes available in the market for shipping and transportation purposes. Corrugated custom die cut boxes are the most appropriate type of boxes when it comes to shipping. These boxes have PVC window allowing the product to be seen from outside and the rigid construction of corrugated boxes keep the product safe from damage while in transit.


Die-cutting is a procedure which involves giving a specific size and shape to a thin flat sheet of materials using a steel cutting die plate or machines. In this process of die-cutting, the steel cutting plate punches out the patterns or shapes to make these distinctive die cuts. This enables the manufacturers to design the whole sheet with similar patterns simultaneously and easily. Therefore, custom die cut boxes are ideal for packing the retail products in style. In addition, to providing protection, these boxes also help in attracting the customers and promoting the brand.

Other than this, there is a strong competition between different brands. Each one of them is trying hard to make their products stand out. Die cut packaging makes it easier for you to rule the competition without spending too much.


You can customize the material for die cut boxes according to the requirement of the product that you tend to pack in it. For instance, there is a huge variety of products including; clothes, food, shoes, electronics, and cosmetics, each having distinctive packaging requirements. You can use kraft paper, fiberboard, paperboard, and corrugated cardboard depending on the product dimensions and weight. Mostly merchandisers use corrugated cardboard layers for shipping and transportation purposes. This type of packaging is ideal for providing strength, sturdiness, and heftiness to the products. Moreover, corrugated die cut boxes have the ability to bear heavy pressure to protect the delicate items from damage and breakage.


Shipping is very important and crucial of almost all businesses. Whether you are an online retailer or run a brick or mortar shop, your products must require transportation to either the customer’s doorstep or the retail shop. Therefore, you might be dealing with confusion regarding the type of material you should use and how you should store your products without damaging them. This blog is written with a moto to answer all your queries. First of all, it is important that you make it clear in your mind that what type of product you are going to ship, for instance; fragile, heavy or light. Secondly, be aware of where you are going to deliver the product. Once, you find an answer to this question; it would be easier for you to select the ideal and most suitable material for die-cut boxes.


In addition to this, die cut boxes offer countless advantages as shipping material;

  • The unique die cut style makes the boxes look attractive and presentable.
  • Customization of the die cut boxes enables the manufacturers to create double walls to make the boxes even stronger. 
  • Moreover, Corrugated die cut boxes are cheaper, affordable and require less adhesives.

In conclusion, custom die cut packaging will enable you to dispatch your products smoothly in one go. There are many companies offering custom packaging solution, Plus Printers is one of the best companies having premium quality packaging service and excellent staff. They provide good quality shipping boxes with the freedom to customize at negotiable rates. Moreover, they have excellent customer care service available 24/7. So, get your hands on the most fashionable and easy way of shipping.